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In this role...I'm know as "The Entertainer"  as I provide enthusiastic and entertaining training(s) that strives to provide an educational and fun experience to all that attend. I make sure folks are not only engaged during the training...I also make sure they leave with knowledge they can apply and use in their everyday work and personal lives.  I have credentials that make me uniquely qualified as a trainer...including  a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication which taught me how to engage a crowd; A Minor in Organizational Psychology that gives me insight in to how organizations function and develop; And a Master of Science Degree in Psychology that gives me a wealth of knowledge on how folks learn, function and grow. Combine this training with 20+ years of doing training that give me real world experience with groups large and small. My goal is the keep folks engaged and entertained so much that they don't even THINK of getting on their phone until AFTER the training!

Why does this matter to you and your business? There is a great deal of research that says what you, as a business owner, already know: Employees that have good balance between work and life, who better manage stress, have good skills to manage life... and who feel valued by their employers...are BETTER employees. Better how? Well, we see reductions in turnover, less absenteeism, higher productivity and higher job satisfaction ratings and a host of other benefits. Providing training is one way YOU can create a workplace where employees want to STAY and work hard for you...and without too much strain on your bottom line!    

We have "ready to go" tried and true trainings that have shown to be of great benefit to almost every worksite such as:

Communication Skills in the Workplace: Learn to talk to ANYONE!

Humor in the Workplace: Is it still allowed? 

Kicking and probably NOT ok at work! How to better manage frustration at work. 

Providing Excellent Customer Service: lets PROVE it's not a thing of the past!

Dealing with Difficult People: and we all know at least one!

Stress Management; yes it CAN be managed!

Improving (or creating) a Good Work Life Balance  

Learning to Prioritize and Organize: quick tips that work! 

We are adding more training all the time. We are also happy to work with you and your team to create workshops tailored specifically to meet you sites needs. 

I think the best evidence of how much folks enjoy my training is to provide some quotes from actual past attendees:

"Kelly is GREAT, she is fun and educational” 

“the best training I’ve been to in years!” 

“Kelly is a pleasure, she made the topic relatable and user friendly” 

“Kelly kept my attention and taught me a lot” 

“she gave great relevant examples, lots of interactive fun, I hope she comes back!”

"I've taken workshops on this same topic and felt this time I actually learned something!" 

And many others. 

Reach out today for a free consultation to see how we can work with your business. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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