Disruptive Event Response Services

You are busy running your business...keeping things on track, doing what needs to be done. Then BAM some THING happens...might be an employee died over the weekend in a car crash, or someone who had a long standing illness passed...or there was a robbery or a beloved employee has retired, or or or...there are any number of disruptive events that can throw your well oiled machine...into total disarray! YOU are GREAT at running your biz...but likely are also impacted by the disruptive event personally...and probably have no idea how to help your employees deal and heal. 

One thing BIG BUSINESS has known for years...is that disruptive events....DISRUPT the  way business gets done. They have also known that bringing in an expert in Disruptive Event Services to help employees manage the event...helps the business get back to...well business! Big business's often spend BIG BUCKS on this sort of service because they have know the benefits well outweigh the costs.  

Benefits such as: 

Helping employees manage their responses to the event

Possibly reducing lawsuit from overwrought employees 

Redude the need for stress leave

Reduce employee turnover

Helping staff get back to working effectively. 

They also know that when left Unmanaged the disruptive event can have far reaching consequences that often significantly impact your bottom line. 

At Creative Solutions our staff used to work exclusively for those BIG businesses doing Disruptive Event Services...and during that time realized NO business (regardless of size) is immune to disruptive events and the havoc they can wreak. So, we opened out own Smaller Business that can help YOUR business (big or small and everything in between) when the unthinkable occurs.  Now, you can have the same services that BIG BIZ uses to deal with these events...and at a price you can afford.  We have a wide range of plans: 

Disruptive Event Workshop/Group Debriefing: We come to your site as soon as reasonable after the event...at a time that works for you and spend 1-8 hours (depending on number of employees) and provide a workshop style group session. Here we bring handouts and offer tools and tips directly to your staff that can make a big difference in how they move forward. 

Disruptive Event Workshop/Debriefing plus Individual Services: Again we come to your site, provide the workshop for the group then open up individual sessions to aid your employees individually or in small groups. This is often good when there are some members of your staff that might be more impacted than others. Time frames to be decided depending on the event. 

Disruptive Event Workshop/Debriefing plus Individual Services Extended Package: come out as soon as reasonable to conduct the workshop and individual services mentioned above. Additionally we are "on call" and can come back at any time, are available for your management team via phone/text to aid them in dealing with staff effectively. We can also come back out to follow up based on the needs of your site. 

Costs and the specific services are tailored to YOUR site, YOUR budget and YOUR needs...and are spelled out fully in advance of providing services. Reach out now, to see what we might be able to offer your site.  It is better to do this BEFORE your site experiences a traumatic/disruptive event...so in case it does...you know who to call for help.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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