Couples Counseling

Welcome...I'm both glad and sad you are here. Sad because it's a difficult thing when our primary relationship is not where we want it to be...when we not getting what we need or want and maybe even are considering getting out of the relationship. I am glad you are here....because  you are reaching out, choosing to do something different to see if therapy can help gat things back on track.

First thing to note, "couples" come in all shapes and do not have to be married or even living together to choose to get couples counseling. In fact, it is a wonderful thing when folks come in somewhat early in a relationship. it is likely there is less damage, less "water under the bridge" and often the issues are not as solidified. 

Second thing to note...there is no RIGHT or WRONG reason to get couples counseling. You might just need a "tune up" to help things get back on might be dealing with an environmental stressor that is just making you feel "off" and not connected. It might be a material change....a new child, new job, loss etc... It might be that you just want help in making getting on the same page...about parenting or where the relationship is going. 

Third thing to note (only one more after this!) you don't have to KNOW what it is you need to change, or just what is "wrong." You don't even have to know if you want to STAY IN or GET OUT. It is part of the process of therapy to help you figure that out, so just knowing you'd like it to be "better" is a good place to start. 

Finally, it is not a "failure" if you want/need counseling. In fact, it is quite the opposite! It is YOU saying this relationship matters enough to me to DO something to try and make it better. It is you taking action, and choosing to see if changes can be made that make your relationship a happy place to be. 

At Creative Solutions we help you from where you are...and help you move in the direction that will work bests for you. We  provide the tools and techniques that can help you figure out where you want to go next....and then how to get there. Reach might just be the first step on the path to...better.    

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