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We offer Cognitive Behavioral Counseling for Teenagers through Adults for Individuals and Couples. We treat issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Life Transition, Stress, Workplace issues, Relationship Issues, Body Image, Disordered Eating, Grief, Trauma and many others. 

We do what we call  "Nail on the head" therapy...if you want to put a nail in the wall, you get out a hammer, figure out where the stud is, and WHACK it on the don't beat around it, you don't use your shoe, not if you want it to stay! Given this philosophy, I provide straightforward usable tools that will help YOU create the changes YOU most want to create...and I try to do so in a fairly short term manner. We start with practical solutions that are fairly easy to use and if those work...great! If they don't help then we move to figuring out what is in the way...your history, background, fears, or anything else that might be preventing you from making the changes and having the life you want to have.

This can kook like cleaning out a road rash. When it first happens you do everything you can to clean it out...and you probably get a lot of the pebbles and the dirt. Once you do that your wound gets covered by a scab. Eventually, if you really have gotten all the GUNK out of the wound, the scab falls off and it turns into a scar. We all have scars...scars are manageable, they are not overly impactful....we even can forget they are there. 

But what happens if you do NOT get all the gunk out of the wound? A scab may still form but the wound won't HEAL and therefore won't turn into a scar. It will either just STAY a scab or it might even become infected! I know...eww...but if it does not heal, it continues to BOTHER impact you in ways you may not even realize.

So, for those wounds that do not heal counseling can help dig into those wounds...and CLEAN THEM they can become scars and therefore impact you less. 

If you are ready to clean out those wounds......reach out and let's get started clearing out the gunk that get in the way of you having the life you want!


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