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Technically I wear three hats: 

1. Licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist seeing clients from Teenagers' to Adults on and individual or couples basis for over 20 years. I provide straightforward usable tools that will help YOU create the changes YOU most want to create...and I try to do so in a fairly short term manner. You are in charge of the process, you create the goals and decide what you want to change...my role is to help you navigate the road to get you where you want to go. I seeing clients in person in downtown San Luis Obispo. I will also continue to see clients virtually via telephone or video. If I am not on your insurance panel will will help you navigate any out of network benefits you may have.

2. Disruptive Event Management/Critical Incident Debriefing:  In this role I come out immediately/as soon as reasonable to your site for group and individual debriefings. This gives individuals at the workplace an opportunity to begin to process what has occurred. During this process venting in encouraged however the main goal is to give folks the tools and skills needed to begin to move through the crisis and back to normal levels of functioning. With training in Psychological First Aid and other methods to aid folks after a trauma...I can help your people get back on track and more effectively deal with what has occurred. These services have been shown to dramatically improve overall long and short term levels of functioning for all involved. This service is great for any workplace that has experienced trauma. Some examples of disruptive events are: death/robbery/downsizing/workplace accident or injury/suicide/extended period of stress etc. Typically these services have two parts: general meeting for education and one on one time for peraonsl debriefing. It is NOT therapy and is designed to help employees learn the tools that will help them manage post event and forward.  

This can be done at your site, number of hours to be decided based on need and the crisis/trauma that has taken place.  

 Post Crisis Services: After the crisis has passed many folks still may need some help getting back on track…or perhaps more immediate services were not possible. Here we move folks along in the process of managing the crisis, giving them tools and skills to better aid in processing the trauma and returning to previous levels of functioning. This service can be conducted in my office or onsite, both on a one on one or small groups.


3. Work Life Wellness Workshops/Trainings/Webinars: I'm know as "The Entertainer"  as I provide enthusiastic and entertaining training(s) that strives to provide an educational and fun experience in all my training programs.  I make sure folks are not only engaged during the training...I also make sure they leave with knowledge they can apply and use in their everyday work and personal lives.   I have credentials that make me uniquely qualified...including  a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication which taught me how to engage a crowd. A Minor in Organizational Psychology that gives me insight in to how organizations function and develop. And finally, a Master of Science Degree in Psychology that gives me a wealth of knowledge on how folks learn, function and grow.  I have a book of trainings on several topics such as Communication Skills in the Workplace/Humor...what is actually funny?/Managing Difficult People, and we ALL know some!/Kicking and Screaming...is probably NOT ok at work!/Excellent Customer Service, lets PROVE it's not a thing of the past! and many others. I can also work with you to create a training specifically tailored to your sites needs. 

I think the best evidence of how much folks enjoy my training is to provide some quotes from actual past attendees: "Kelly is GREAT, she is fun and educational” “the best training I’ve been to in years!” “Kelly is a pleasure, she made the topic relatable and user friendly” “Kelly kept my attention and taught me a lot” “she gave great relevant examples, lots of interactive fun, I hope she comes back!”  

Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any of these services using the "contact me" section below. 

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