I'm glad you are here. In the 20 plus years I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist seeing Individuals, Couples, Teenagers and Families I have found that most likely you are in one of the following three camps.

    1. This is the first time you have looked for help…first time you've thought that maybe the things you are wrestling with are…well…more stubborn or just bigger than you have been able to manage or change on your own.
    2. You have been contemplating getting some help for a while…have maybe looked at some websites, listened to podcasts…gone old school and actually bought a book or two! But, you have yet to take the final step of reaching out for an appointment or consultation.
    3. You have had therapy before but felt that it could have been…different. Maybe you thought your therapist could have been more involved…or just offered more tools and tips that would help you make the changes you want to make.

No matter which camp you come from (or even if none of those fit for you) I want to say GO YOU for taking a step towards change! Even if you don't reach out here it's still a step you can feel proud of. You have acknowledged that you want change, that you are looking for something different…and now you are moving toward taking ACTION to create that change! Again, GO YOU!

If you decide to reach out for a consultation…you will find therapy at Creative Solutions will meet you where YOU are and take you where YOU want to go. It won't always be easy, in fact sometimes it can be hard, but it can also be a process you can enjoy while making the changes that will improve your life. So, roam around this site…and maybe even look at others while you are making your decision about what to do next.

I will tell you two things:

    1. Thinking about change…doesn't create change…you have to DO something to make change happen.
    2. "Goodness of fit" with your therapist is an important part of why therapy works. While it might be hard to tell that just by reading some words on a page…it's a place to start. So, if you find yourself nodding your head as you read the words on the page…that is a good start.

So, are you ready for change? Ready to take ACTION to create that change? Or do you just want to discover if you are ready? Reach out, let's chat and go from there.

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